The Beginning

The thing is, you never expect it to happen to you.

We got a call yesterday morning from Isaac’s pediatrician, calling about the test results from Friday’s tests. Friday morning, Isaac went in for a follow-up appointment and the doctor was concerned about his weight gain and thought it might be anemia. Nothing big, right? Ha. The doctor told us to get to Children’s Mercy Hospital Downtown immediately. Isaac’s white blood cell count was high. As in, really, really high. Normal range is 5,000-15,00; his was 440,000. 

Isaac has leukemia.

Yesterday was full of tests and blood draws and tears and more tests. They don’t know for sure which type of leukemia he has yet; we’ll find that out on Tuesday, along with what his treatment will look like. We know that we’ll be here at the hospital through the week. The doctors are optimistic and treating to cure. 

My mom & step-dad are keeping Gabe & Eli in line, and Amy’s mom is coming down from Iowa to help out, too. 

I’ll set up a Facebook page or blog or CaringBridge things or something to keep everyone up to date. I already have lots of thoughts about this experience so far, but I’ll save those for later. In the meantime, we’re grateful for all of the wonderful people around us and offering to help however they can. Trust me when I say that that makes this much, much easier. Thank you.